Increase Qualified Leads, Lower Your Cost Per Acquisition and Corner Your Market On the High Value Services You Provide
An Area-Exclusive Technology Allowing Dentists To Reduce Qualified Lead Costs by 2,000% and Increase New Patient Flow by 1,200% in 90 Days or Less.
WARNING:  This Is NOT The Same Ol' Facebook or Google Advertising You're Currently Being Sold!
Dear Dentist,

If you’re looking to dramatically increase the number of high value cases you perform while decreasing the uncertainty and increasing costs of finding qualified, ‘ready-to-buy’ patients, then you’ll want to stick around for the next minutes as I show you a way to know EXACTLY who in your target market is actively looking for the high value dental care services you provide.

What this means for you is a dramatically reduced cost per new patient, a much shorter sales cycle and a patient who is ready and willing to accept whatever treatment plan you recommend.
You see, thanks to some new, emerging technology, which I’ll explain in greater detail in just a minute, gone are the days where you spend untold sums of money trying to get in front of people you THINK might be good candidates for the services you offer, spending even more time and money trying to convince them they need what you’re offering, and then finally trying to convince them you are they one they should buy it from.

With InMarket Dental, your cost to acquire qualified, ready-to-buy patients is reduced significantly and the time it takes to get leads from ‘interested’ to ‘here’s my deposit check’ goes way down as well.

Now, before I explain in more detail what InMarket Dental is and how it works, it’s important to understand what marketing today looks like and why it can be so mind-numbingly frustrating.

When it comes to marketing today, what typically happens, and what has been happening for decades, is: 
  •    You identify a market you want to target - in this case, people in your area who want or need implants, orthodontics or some other high value smile restoration service. Unfortunately, there’s no way to narrow this universe of prospects so you end up with a LARGE group of ‘possible’ prospects you have to market to.
  •    You create marketing materials designed to HOPEFULLY capture the attention and interest of these people, then...
  •    You spend time, money and energy trying to get this message in front of these people in the hopes you catch them at the right time, with an offer which motivates them to take action. And chances are, you’ve tried or are currently doing this through any number of marketing channels - Facebook ads, Google ads, SEO, social media posts, direct mail, radio or tv ads.
Even though this is the way everyone else is doing it, and maybe you’ve had some success at, currently or in the past, here’s why that’s such a DRAMATIC mistake for your practice - have Absolutely NO IDEA who these people really are. 
Sure, you probably have a rough idea of what they might look like, where they might live, how much money they make, and what their interests might be, but at the end of the day, you really have no clue who they are.

Sadly, marketing IS a necessary expense and if you’re serious about growing your practice in today’s hyper-competitive market, there’s absolutely no way you can rely on passive ads, half-hearted marketing investments or sporadic referrals from existing patients.

Marketing today REQUIRES an investment.
However, marketing today DOES NOT require blindly spending money, HOPING your efforts eventually hit their mark.  
Here’s what I mean:

Imagine for a moment you’ve invested 10's of thousands of dollars to pack the biggest stadium in your area to the rafters with people that who are your ideal patient. Let's say you're going to deliver a presentation on one of your high value services, dental implants or adult braces for example, although it could be any of your high value services.

Now, it's important to understand that EVERY SINGLE person in attendance meets your criteria for being a candidate for the services you offer and at some point COULD legitimately become a patient.

The harsh reality of this situation however, is that aside from already having spent thousands of dollars just trying to get this crowd of ideal prospects into the stadium, in this moment only 3% of these people packed into the stadium is ready to take action RIGHT NOW.

This means that 97% of the people you've invested your time and hard-earned dollars trying to get into this stadium simply aren't ready to do anything right now. Maybe someday, but not today.

So, what does this mean for you?

First, it means you've already spent a whole lot of time and money to get in front of these people and HOPEFULLY engage them in a conversation.

Second, aside from that 3% of your target market that are ready right now, you'll have to spend more time and money to stay in front of the 97% that don't do anything right now.   

Here’s my question:
Do you know who those 3% are that are ready right now?
Chances are, you don’t. I do.

Thanks to technology previously only reserved for multi-billion dollar companies, we can get you in front of ONLY the 3% of your target market that are ready to buy RIGHT NOW are.
Let me pause for just a moment to introduce myself and tell you who ‘we’ are. 

My name is Chestin Salisbury and I’m the founder of Your Marketing Practice. We’ve been helping dentist market their practice online for the past 8 years.
We’ve helped hundreds of dentists generate steady streams of patients, so when I talk about the many challenges of marketing a practice online today, I know because we’ve been on the front lines fighting day in and day out for our clients.

After having spent so many years doing our best to maximize our efforts and our client’s budgets, I can’t accurately describe how frustrating it can be as a marketer to waste so much time and money trying to hone in on those people ready to take action today.

Well, with InMarket Dental, my frustration as a marketing professional has been replaced by confidence and excitement because there’s no more guessing. There is no more running ads, HOPING it lands in front of the right people so we could generate the right leads for our clients.

With InMarket Dental, we know EXACTLY who those 3 % are that are ready to take action and buy the high value services our clients offer.

Just imagine how much more effective YOUR marketing could be if you knew EXACTLY who those 3% are?

Now, instead of investing thousands of dollars trying to fill the proverbial stadium, then wasting even more money hopelessly trying to identify those action takers, and THEN investing even more time and money to educate and convert these prospects over time…

Ask yourself: How much time, energy and money could you save by going DIRECTLY to your 3%?

Better yet,
How much more revenue could your practice generate
if you ONLY invested your marketing dollars on
prospects you knew were ready to buy RIGHT NOW?
With In-Market Dental, this scenario isn’t just a great idea, it’s reality and it's happening RIGHT NOW.

Very quickly, here’s how it works.

First, it's important to understand that 90%+ of all buying activity today starts online. It doesn't matter what the product or service is, there is usually some online activity taking place which eventually leads to a purchase.

Second, we all have a digital footprint. As a result, our online activity creates a profile about who we are, our interests, and yes, the things we're thinking about buying.

As your dream patients are searching, reading, listening to, or watching information about the things they’re interested in buying, they’re leaving little digital crumbs that are tied back to their online identify and profile.

Dental care services are no different, especially the high-end services like implants, braces, full mouth reconstructions, etc.

Thanks to relationships we've developed with a wide variety of data providers, (notice I said providerS, plural so the breadth and depth of data we have access to is unrivaled anywhere - even by fortune 500 companies) we're able to access these footprints.

They way it works is by first creating a geographic fence around the area you want to target.

Next, we tell our database to look for any online activity, within that geographic area, around the services you’re targeting. 

With over 200MM (and growing!!) active user profiles in our database anytime someone within your geographic area engages in an online behavior, visits a website, reads a blog post, watches a video, likes a social media post, this user gets added to a ‘watch list’.  

Over time, as this user’s activity around this subject matter continues, our technology is keeping an eye on the amount and frequency of online behavior and once they a certain threshold, they get added to a list that is generated each week.  

Not only are we currently tracking over 200MM online users, but we’re monitoring over 1B URL’s, which means if someone in your geographic area is looking for your services, we’ll know and can get your message in front of them, positioning YOU as the market leader and go-to-choice. 

In terms of how we can be so sure of who these people are, we're able to confirm these potential patient’s identity and their contact information because part of the data profile we receive is from any number of payment processors, where accurate name, address, phone #, and email address are required.

Now, let me state very clearly,
This is NOT the usual Facebook of Google advertising
that every other marketing agency is pitching you. 
You see, when those guys setup a campaign for you, on ANY platform, they start by giving the advertising platform a list of criteria they want to target - for example, female, between 30-65 years old, interested in health and beauty, lives in a home valued at over $200K, etc.

Google or Facebook then starts showing ads to EVERY person that matches that criteria and what you end up with is a WHOLE LOT of people who have absolutely zero interest in implants. 

Sure, there will be some, but it will be a very small number compared to everyone seeing the ads.

This means it’s harder, more expensive and takes a looooooot longer to actually find those people interested in your high value services

With InMarket Dental however, instead of relying on the advertising platforms to tell us who to target, we’re telling them EXACTLY who to show your ads to

Instead of having to show ads to everyone that falls into a specific profile, we cut through the clutter and only show your ad to those people we already know are looking for your services.

This means,
  •  A dramatically lower cost per lead
  •  A much faster sales cycle
  •  The leads you do get are already well on their way to purchasing the treatment plan recommend
Another advantage of InMarket Dental is that you’re no longer held hostage by one single advertising platform.

If you’ve ever done any type of marketing through Google or Facebook, or even your local radio or tv stations, then you know that when you commit to marketing through those channels, you’re limited to delivering your message to your leads through those channels only.

Do Facebook advertising? 

You can only target potential patients through Facebook. Same thing with Google. Same thing direct mail or radio or TV. 

Do you really think these people are only on ONE of these platforms?  

If we know they’re on more than one of these platforms, why not target them and try to connect with them on as many of these channels as possible?

Again, a big drawback of marketing as it’s being done today is that you don’t know who you’re targeting. You don’t know who they are so you have no way of knowing how or where to find them on these other platforms.

Well not with InMarket Dental. It is truly multi-channel.

Because we’ve already identified EXACTLY who is interested and ready to buy and because we’re taking your list of people to these platforms and because we’re telling them who we want to show your ad to,
YOU are in complete control!
So if Google or Facebook becomes too expensive, no problem! We’ll just take your list to another platform.

And when I say any platform, I mean ANY platform.

In face, not only do we have online funnels ready to go, we also have direct mail campaigns and we’re developing technology that will allow you to target these leads through radio and TV commercials.

Imagine being able to deliver your message, through ANY advertising medium, to those people who are right now, actively looking to buy the services you provide? 

So, how exactly does this technology work for you and your practice?

The first step is to secure your geographic area. We're looking to partner with only one practice in your immediate area and once your area is locked up, it's gone.

Chances are, you’re not the only one in your marketplace that has watched or is watching this video. While my team and I will NEVER pressure anyone, we’re not in a position to sit around and wait for you to decide.   

We’re serious about partnering up with growth-minded dentists that want to utilize this technology to corner their market on high value services and those that recognize the power and value of the InMarket Dental system will move quickly.

Now, if your area happens to already be gone by the time you decide, we could put your name on a waiting list, but with the results our partners are seeing in initial testing , the likelihood of an area coming open anytime soon is pretty slim.

Next, by locking up your area you commit to a monthly partnership fee AND a minimum monthly ad spend of at least $1,000. Again, this is the MINIMUM.

The partnership fee is our cost for generating your list of targeted leads each week, setting up and managing the ad campaigns, setting up and managing the actual lead capture and conversion funnels and of course tweaking and fine tuning things to maximize the InMarket data.

In terms of the monthly minimum ad spend, if you're not comfortable investing a minimum of $1K/mo and are content relying on SEO, social media posts and the occasional referral to grow your practice, we're probably not going to be a good fit. 

We can only work with practices that recognize it takes capital investments to grow a business. If you're not comfortable committing AT LEAST $1K in advertising each month, I'll save you the time and say this probably isn't going to be a good fit for either of us.

Still here?


Once you've committed to the monthly investment and we have your area locked up, we put our technology to work generating your initial list of InMarket leads. We generate a new list every week, with the first list typically taking 10-14 days to complete.

While the technology is busy generating your initial list, we'll work with you to make sure you have a highly-effective lead conversion process in place so you can maximize the InMarket leads you’ll be receiving. 

If you have something that's already working, great. We'll simply work with you to integrate these InMarket Leads into your already successful funnel.

If you don't have an effective sales funnel, don’t sweat it. We have a handful of extremely effective, proven funnels we can setup and integrate into your practice so that within the first 3-4 weeks you’ll be able to truly maximize the value of these InMarket leads you’ll be receiving each each week.

Now, something very important to remember is that each practice, each area and each process is slightly unique. As such, it takes a little bit of work to massage and fine tune the leads and process to get it firing on all cylinders. 

So, we always stress to our clients that it takes 6-8 weeks to iron out all the kinks. While we don’t have any initial contracts, we do ask for a minimum of 90 days to get everything working like clockwork.

However, at the end of this initial adjustment period, thanks to the quality of the InMarket Dental Leads, the dramatic reduction in advertising cost and the increase in revenue flooding in is pretty astounding.

For example, one client decreased his lead cost from $200/lead down to $10/lead.
That’s a 2,000% decrease! 
How much are you currently spending to acquire a lead? How would you like to decrease that number by 2,000%?

Another client was able to increase the conversion rate of their advertising from 3% all the way up to 38%! That’s a 1,200% increase in potential new cases.
What could a 1,200% increase in high value
cases in 90 days do for your practice?
What would those numbers do for your practice's annual revenue? 

What about for your personal take-home pay? 

What about the value and reputation of your practice?

Now, what I’ve explained to you is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a handful of additional ways InMarket Dental gives you the power and ability to corner your market, to become THE dominant player for your high value dental care services, but in order to keep this video short, I’ll stop there.

IF what you’ve heard sounds like something your practice could benefit from, let’s talk. 

The next step is to schedule a very brief, no-more than 15 minute phone call to see if we might be a good fit for one another.  

You see, I’m not looking to sell you anything. At all. That’s a personal promise.

We’re looking for partners who are serious about taking over their marketplace and are tired of the headaches, frustration and failures of every other marketing method being sold today.

See, InMarket Dental isn’t a silver bullet and in the unlikely event your leads don’t surge, your costs aren’t cut in half and your conversions don’t bounce up, my team and I will work tirelessly, at no additional cost to you, until you at the very least double your initial investment. 

In other words, InMarket Dental provides a surge in high value cases at a lower cost per lead or you don’t pay.

Again, all we need is 15 minutes to learn a little more about each other. We’ll talk about how exactly InMarket Dental could benefit your practice. I’ll also share a little about some of the other profit-producing features I haven’t mentioned in this video.

If we’re on the phone for more than 15 minutes, it’s only because you want to be there.

So if you’re still watching, I want to quickly remind you about some of the criteria we’re looking for.

First, you must realize that it takes money to make money. If you’re dependent on free methods for growing your practice and the thought of writing a check for marketing requires an a Herculean effort, then we’re not going to be a good fit for one another.

Second, you must be willing to invest AT LEAST $1K/mo for advertising. This is in addition to any type of consulting work, retainers or creative work required to really maximize the value of these InMarket leads we’ll be producing each week.

However, the monthly fee is very small in comparison to the return you’ll generate and we’ve priced the investment at a rate that even if we were ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE at what we do, you’d still get a very healthy return on your investment each month.

Third, you must be willing to work with us to fine tune and improve YOUR marketing system. If you’re the kind that likes to sign up for products or services and then expects them to work in a vacuum, we’re probably not going to be a good fit.

We need partners that are vested in this process and are willing to communicate and work with us to fine tune YOUR systems and processes. While we don’t expect to take up a lot of your time, we will need help, feedback and communication from you and/or your team.

And finally, you need to be a good person. We have no interest in working with people that aren’t fun to work with. Now that doesn’t mean you need to be always laughing and joking around, but it does mean you can’t be a demanding, self-absorbed, know-it-all prick.

If you meet these criteria, let’s talk!
You should see a ‘Schedule A Call’ button below this video. Simply click or tap it.

You’ll immediately be taken to our online scheduler, allowing you to pick the date and time which works best for you. If for any reason you don’t see a day or time that works, you’ll see an email address on that page. Just send me an email or give me a call and we’ll work out another time that is more convenient for you.

Listen, at this point there are really 3 types of people:

The’re happy with where you’re at and don’t see any value in being able to pinpoint those people in your marketplace actively looking to buy the high value services you provide. Or maybe you don’t fit the criteria we’re looking for, for one reason or another.

If that’s you, fantastic. I honestly wish you nothing but success and sincerely hope you reach all of the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Maybe you’re the second… and you’re curious and want to uncover more. You’re still watching and you understand at a high level how it all works, but you’re not completely convinced this could work for you.  

Easy, let’s get on the phone and chat. Again, I’m not looking to sell YOU anything YOU don’t understand and don’t WANT to be a part of. This is not your typical ad agency pitch where they’ll take anyone with an ad budget to spend and services to sell.

That’s not us. We ONLY work with high quality and high value dentists.

If that’s you...

We want to answer ALL your questions and make sure you’re 100% clear on what we’re offering and how it can help grow your practice. Also, as I mentioned, there are a handful of other benefits InMarket Dental provides that I didn’t share so as to keep this video short. I’d love to be able to share those with you as well.

If this is you, click or tap the ‘Schedule A Call’ button below and let’s learn more about each other. Again, no longer than 15 minutes UNLESS you want to be there.

I also guarantee that no matter what happens after the call, you’ll walk away with at least 3-4 steps you can take RIGHT NOW to improve the results of your marketing efforts.

And finally, you might be the third type of person who knows they want in. You see the value of being able to identify and market your high value services directly to Sally Smith who lives at 456 Wilson Dr. You see how it can lower your cost per acquisition, shorten your sales cycle and ultimately, increase your overall profitability.

If this is you, let’s talk. Again, just because you’re ready doesn’t mean it’s going to be a fit. While we are looking for quality partners to work with, our main criteria is that the relationship is a good fit for both parties.

I sure hope that’s you, so let’s get on the phone and make sure.

When you’re ready, click or tap the ‘Schedule A Call’ button below and we’ll speak for 15 minutes to get to know each other better.

If you’re still watching, thank you for your time, honestly. I know it’s incredibly valuable.

I look forward to speaking with you soon and discussing how InMarket Dental can help grow your dental practice.
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